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Interested in working with Stéphanie? 

Director | Dramaturg | Outside Eye |Choreographer | Workshops


School Workshops and Performances

When Stéphanie was 2 years-old she lost her left eye to Cancer and has had a glass eye ever since. Throughout her workshops, she establishes a trusting and save environment by sharing her very own experiences with Bullying and how she managed to work through her insecurities and come to terms with her disability.  She also offers to perform her inspirational 60 minute solo show BLINDSIDE and generates discussions/talk backs with the students, theaters and parents after the show.


Stephanie is a dance artist and educator who’s work focuses on engaging students. She is known throughout the Canadian arts-community for her vibrant spirit and talent to inspire.

Her approaches and tools are diverse and she is interested in teaching movement through her collaborative process that involves both her and students creative mind and personal experiences.


Her workshops are a special combination of movement and true-life storytelling and help students transform their personal life experiences into performance, while exercising their capability of feeling empathy and developing their communication and listening skills.


Stephanie creates a cooperative and inclusive atmosphere where fun and acceptance of our own unique story and movement style is the primary goal. She particularly enjoys incorporating movement exercises to celebrate listening, sharing, honesty, empathy and vulnerability.


Her workshop activities can incorporate a tailored number of goals using creative approaches and be customized as residency programs to best suit the student’s needs. Short and long residencies/workshops are available.


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