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F O R   B O D Y   A N D   L I G H T

B E A R   D R E A M S


We are a winter people but where is the heart of winter to be found?  Through stories, music and dance, Bear Dreams recounts the saga of a young couple who go searching — first for each other, then for the heart of a country.  High in the Rockies they encounter an animal spirit who seems to embody the answer to their search.


Choregraphy | Mise en scène:

Stéphanie Morin-Robert


Spoken Word| Music:

Ian Ferrier


Collaborating Performers:

Danika Cormier et Joachim Yensen-Martin


★★★★1⁄2 “Bear Dreams is as simple as it is powerful.” —Saskatoon Star-Phoenix

"Ian Ferrier’s meditative, poetic script channels fur traders, lovers who could be from a Leonard Cohen song, children building snow forts, and a hibernating bear." —Georgia Straight, Vancouver BC
"Visually arresting special effects include swathes of flimsy gauze-like material that unravel from pillows to become drifts and snowstorms, ensnaring and cocooning the lovers. Finally, under cover of darkness, ensconced in a snow cave, all is quiet as the Northern Lights twinkle and dance in the sky. Bear Dreams is a profoundly contemplative rêverie where myth, memory and magic collide. Allow yourself to be carried away, beyond all known signposts and landmarks—unhitched yet somehow anchored to the eternal." —Janis Lacouvee, Victoria BC
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